A loved one got into trouble with the law and you worked with a bail bondsman to secure his or her release. Although you were told at the time you posted bail that you would be held responsible if he or she didn’t show up for court, you believed they would. Now they have taken off and you are left holding the bag when it comes to hamden bail bonds. What should you do in this situation?

A new britain bail bond is designed to allow someone who has been arrested and charged with one or more crimes to secure their release until their trial. The bail bonds new britain are meant to ensure the person does show up in court. If they miss even one court date, the bond goes into what is known as forfeiture status. This is often referred to as default.

As you signed for the bond, you will be held accountable. The first thing you need to do is contact the bail agent and let him or her know what has happened. They have a limited time to find the defendant and bring him or her to court, and this time period varies by jurisdiction. When the defendant cannot be found within the predetermined time frame, the bond moves into the judgment phase. The bail agent becomes responsible for the full amount due to the court and he or she then holds you accountable.

Work with the bond agent to try and locate the accused. You know him or her better than the bond agent does and will be able to provide suggestions as to where they may have gone. Provide any information you have, regardless of whether you feel it is important. Let the bail agent decide this on their own. They will do everything they can to locate this person, but can only do so when they have any detail which may provide a clue where they went. This includes information about their family, their job, their friends, the social media accounts and more. Clues may be found anywhere, so share all you know.

Be prepared to pail the bond in full. The bail agent must now pay this money to the court and they are going to expect you to settle the account. In the event you don’t have the amount in full, you need to come up with the necessary collateral to back the bond until you can make payment in full.

Don’t hide from the bail agent. This will cause more problems than it will solve. The bail agents are trained to locate individuals who have gone missing. You don’t want to be the one they are hunting.

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